Oil Spill Response

We are a 24-hour emergency response company ready to deal with oil spills and gas spills, whether it is a residential oil tank spill, a road accident, or a commercial spill. The spill needs to be captured and cleaned to minimize any hazard to the environment.

Over the last 20 years, W & S General Contractors has specialized in building new and de-commissioning service stations, underground tank work and civil construction projects.

In conjunction with our associated companies, Steve’s Environmental Service and Regional Petroleum Products Recycling Ltd, we offer a complete service.

Our facility is a Provincially Licensed disposal site for any petroleum-contaminated products, including soil, oily water, tanks (steel and Fiberglas) and barrels. 

In addition, we have Vacuum Trucks for cleaning floor drains and tanks, along with Steamer Trucks. 

Oil Spill Response Trucks

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd.

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd. is a significant partner in the support team that enables W & S General Contractors to offer service throughout Atlantic Canada for the decontamination of both soil and water.

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd. deals with petroleum waste and has served the Atlantic Provinces for more than 20 years.

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd Oil Spill Respose Trucks

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd. provides the following services:

  • Oil Spill Response
  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Oil Water Separator Cleaning
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
  • Bilge Water Pumping
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Manholes
  • Transfer Fuel
  • Monitoring Well Decommissioning
  • Pumping of Excavations
  • Barrel Collection

Steve's Environmental Service Ltd. offers competitive pricing for spring and fall maintenance cleaning of sumps, pits, oil water separators and manholes for prevention of back-ups, clogs and winter time freeze ups.

Our employees have the following Training:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Confined Space
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Fall Protection
  • Land Spill Response
  • Roll Over Spill Response
  • SCBA and SABA
  • Trench Awareness
  • Lock Out Tag Out

Steve’s Environmental Drilling Services is a mobile drilling provider for environmental and geotechnical purposes under the direction of their clients to meet any need.

Available equipment includes a trailer-mounted Simco 2400 SK-1 Auger Drill that can provide a cost-effective mobile drill. This Auger Drill is able to access locations that are normally difficult with a larger rotary drill due to the size of the boom and the drill.

This drill can provide discrete soil sampling with a manual hoist-drawn hammer, allowing for the installation of monitoring wells to assess groundwater conditions.

Also available is a portable skid framed drill that is approximately 2.43 metres in size with a 2.13 metre boom. This drill can be manually carried into the basement of buildings to assess subsurface conditions. If required, it is also equipped with a gasoline motor or a 220V electric motor to allow for low emissions.


Regional Petroleum Products Recycling Ltd.

Regional Petroleum Products Recycling Ltd. has identified Low Temperature Thermal Desorption as the most effective approach to destroying petroleum hydrocarbons in soil.

Some of the benefits of this technology are:

  • Soil processing time is mere minutes
  • Total petroleum hydrocarbon levels in the treated soil are well below both Federal and Provincial regulations
  • No harmful contaminates are released to the ambient air
  • Treated soil is immediately available as replacement fill

Regional Petroleum Products works closely with Federal and Provincial Environment departments, as well as local government agencies to ensure public health and safety. Customer satisfaction and care for the environment is our aim.

Oil Spill Response Trucks